Gear Keeper Scuba Flashlight Retractor-Deluxe/blk

Gear KeeperSKU: RT3-5912-blk

Sale price1,900.00 ฿


Proper retraction force is essential for flashlight applications … Too much force for heavy lights and Cameras will fatigue the user.

Locking Mechanism is designed for securing light on land … when diving, unlock unit and the moderate 12 oz retraction force will easily secure a flashlight or camera.

Plastic Snap clip is durable and easily attaches to BCD D-rings. Also includes Mounting bracket for attaching to BCD straps and weight belts.

Quick Connect (QC-II) allows easy connection/disconnection of flashlight. Deluxe Retractor includes both a QC-II male with Split ring and QC-II male with 6″ lanyard,

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