Magpul - DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ Vault V730 [BLK]

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DAKA® GRID Organizer for Pelican™ Vault V730

Your Gun Case, Optimized


Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer in Pelican Vault V730 with Blocks organized to hold AR, mags, and ammo boxes



Magpul’s DAKA GRID Organizer is a fully customizable drop-in organizational solution that secures and protects your important equipment when it’s stored or transported in your existing hard case. Specifically designed to fit Pelican™ Vault V730 gun cases, the GRID Organizer is completely reconfigurable to meet your storage needs. Individual Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Panels and Blocks nest together securely to maximize protection, versatility, and ease-of-use. They can be organized to brace and immobilize rifles, optics, ammunition, accessories, and other gear, and they can be quickly removed and reinstalled for your next loadout.

The lightweight GRID system uses compression to immobilize and compartmentalize your gear, firmly holding it in place and providing advanced protection during transport. The result is less movement and better impact resistance for your gear than you’ll get from current open cell foam options that can let your gear slide around inside your case during transport. Also, the GRID’s EPP make up doesn’t absorb contaminants like open cell foam does, providing resistance to liquid and chemical intrusion and mitigating contamination of your gear. Cleaning up dirt, chemicals, and liquids is easy with just a damp cloth.

Offering numerous advantages over traditional foam and expensive laser-cut inserts, the GRID provides intuitive, modular organization at your fingertips. It’s reconfigurable without tools, so it can be adapted to your loadout in seconds. If you’re carrying wider or taller equipment, a center GRID Panel can also be removed to open up space for objects approximately 4.25” inches wide. If you end up needing to cut a Panel to create a unique cavity for wider gear, the EPP cuts smoothly and doesn’t lose its strength or ability to protect your important equipment. For unique equipment loading techniques, see our Getting The Best Fit video and PDF instructions below.

Simple to configure, stronger than foam, and versatile enough to change with every loadout, the DAKA GRID Organizer lets you use every inch of your case to store and securely carry your gear the way you want.

Includes GRID base Panels, 8 triple Blocks, 8 double Blocks, and replacement base foam.

Magpul DAKA GRID base’s multiple interlocking panels being inserted in to Pelican Vault case on top of bottom foam sheet


EPP Panels and Blocks quickly replace current internal setup

GRID system holds your gear securely and protects better than foam sheets

Not just for firearms; can be used for all types of gear


Double and Triple Blocks being easily inserted by hand in to Magpul DAKA GRID base


EPP construction is lighter and stronger than traditional foam

Endlessly customizable and no tools required

Unique gear loadouts set up in seconds


Multiple Magpul DAKA GRID Blocks and Base covered and unaffected by moisture


GRID is stronger than open cell foam, holds your gear in place, and protects better from impacts

Resists absorbing liquids and chemicals and easy to clean with a damp cloth

Good temperature stability


Closeup of inside of case showing multiple Magpul DAKA Blocks arranged to secure a suppressed AR and magazines


GRID Block arrangement lets you maximize the use of all of your space

Ability to reconfigure the GRID means no cutting or plucking of foam that leaves you with one fixed configuration



External width 16.6 in.
External length 44.5 in.
Other Specs

Weight: ~3 lbs

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