Blue Force Gear - Rapid Emergency Detachment Swivel (RED Swivel) 1.25"

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The RED Swivel is a true emergency quick release swivel that allows the user to quickly free himself from his weapon for emergency egress and other times when the user must untangle himself from his weapon.  The Patented RED Swivel, or Rapid Emergency Detachment Swivel, replaces standard push button sling swivels with a pull-knob emergency release swivel that fits any standard push button sockets, sockets inset in popular handguards and stocks, the Burnsed Socket, or the Rail Mounted Push Button Socket. 


The Patented RED™ Swivel releases with a straight pull on the sphereo-conical knob instead of the fine motor operation of the "push-pull" of standard push button swivels.  Only 7 pounds of force is needed to install or release the swivel, however accidental release is minimized by the knob shape and angle of operation.  A pull of more than 15 degrees off axis will not release the connection, eliminating the possibility of release if caught in vehicles, doorways, other gear, or brush. 


If you work with a rifle over or near water or in other conditions where sling entrapment is a substantial risk, the RED Swivel can prove itself to be invaluable.  The RED swivel can be paired with the Burnsed Socket or a Universal Wire Loop- with push button (available separately) to make the fastest 2- to 1-point sling. See the Applications Tab for more uses. The 1.00" RED is recommended for the standard Vickers Sling (which has 125-inch webbing). Where the 1.25-inch RED is for wider sling webbing (such as 1.5-inch webbing); it will have more wiggle room, slides, if used 1.25-inch sling webbing. 

Size comparison of RED 1-inch and 2-inch for sling webbing hardware attachment

RED Swivel Care

Like all push button swivels, RED Swivels should be oiled periodically to maintain smooth operation.  Make it a habit to oil them every time you clean and lube your rifle.

2 to 1 Sling Adjustment Video

Emergency Quick Release Drop Video

U.S. Patent No. 8,516,732




  • Designed with airborne and maritime operations in mind
  • Vehicular or mounted use
  • Entry teams and urban applications
  • Tube fighting


  • Vickers Combat Applications Slings™ and other variants
  • Most common 1" or 1.25" slings
  • Standard push button / QD swivel sockets integral to weapons, handguards, or buttstocks

    Hardware Sizing:

    1" RED Swivel

    • 1" Sling Loop fits any 1" or 1.25" sling webbing. Recommended for use on the standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

    1.25" RED Swivel

    • 1.25" Sling Loop fits any 1.25 or 1.5" sling webbing. Can be used on Vickers Slings™ but will have more "play" where the webbing loops through the swivel


    • Machined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance
    • Nylon coated, double crimped directly to 7 strand stainless steel aircraft cable
    • Textured sphero-conical shaped pull knob
    • Stainless Steel internals

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