Nextorch HC10 Metal Hancuffs with chain connection


Sale price3,000.00 ฿


The Nextorch metal handcuff HC10 is made of lightweight and high-strength aircraft aluminum and stainless steel and has an absolutely reliable locking technology, by three independently operating three-teeth locking. The double-sided unlocking function allows the handcuff to be opened quickly and easily from both sides. The Nextorch handcuff can only be opened with the corresponding keys, standard handcuff keys or keys of other brands do not fit.
Three teeth locking technology.
Double lock (Double Lock).
Double sided unlocking function.
Individual serial numbers.
Includes 2 special keys.
Tensile strength lengthwise: 3500 N
Tensile strength transverse: 4300 N
Drop height: 3 meters.
Corrosion resistance : level 10
Durability : 11,000 opening and closing operations
Total length : 242 mm.
Distance between handcuffs: 54 mm.
Largest inside width: 82 mm.
Smallest inner width: 55 mm.
Weight: approx. 255 g.

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